Core Technologies

After my first animation two+ years ago I was hooked and I spent the past year focusing on core JavaScript. I loved solving challenges like implementing Caesar's Cipher, Validating U.S. Phone Numbers,and finding the Sum of All Odd Fibonacci Numbers as part of earning a Front End Developer Certificate from Free Code Camp. I built a Simon game this summer in one 24 hour solo hack-a-thon. I dug into React and Angular to grapple with proper application architecture and presented a simple Angular project at a the Portland Web Developers Meetup (including a bit of Angular 2).

I enjoy a good CSS mystery, and I'm thrilled that flexbox can often solve it. The hours I spent building layouts, forms and buttons by hand before I knew about Bootstrap was a lucky wrong turn that gave me a solid CSS foundation. Completing Michael Buffa's "HTML5 Coding Essentials and Best Practices" course on edX emphasized the use of semantic elements and accessibility. Kudos to Chris Coyier for CodePen and CSS Tricks! My next step is to start implementing SVGs after reading his book, Practical SVGs.

I deployed Atomic Teacher, my PHP/MySQL app last year while teaching social studies. I have a MySQL database of tables filled with quiz questions and images. Using PHP, Atomic Teacher allows students to choose one of seven quizzes and serves up questions in random order with scrambled answer choices. It has an authentication system that allows varying levels of access for teachers and students. It uses session variables to keep score and prevent repeating questions. It was a joy to build. Kevin Skoglund's "PHP with MySQL Essential Training" and "PHP with MySQL Beyond the Basics" on Lynda.com were my core resources. I worked through PHP & MySQL: the Missing Manual, by Brett McLaughlin as a refresher after a year away from PHP.

This summer I studied C# to become a better object-oriented programmer and to dig into another back end language. I was happy to see that my hard work on JavaScript made learning C# easier. I have played with WinForms and am getting great lessons on MVC architecture by reading and following tutorials about ASP.NET Core MVC, Microsoft's latest .NET framework.

I am proficient with Git and have used Subversion. I am comfortable in the UNIX command line. I have used npm, Bower, Webpack, Babel and SASS and look forward to fully incorporating them into my work. I am familiar with and embrace Agile Methodologies.

I will continue working on MVC architecture, solidify my basic knowledge of React and Angular, continue on the JavaScript path to NodeJS, learn a professional repertoir of CSS skills and tricks, and master Drupal and WordPress. Lately, I have been exploring ArcGIS and am excited about incorporating that platform into future projects.


Jake McNally in a hooded sweatshirt on the rocky coast of Maine

I enjoy creating games and algorithms with JavaScript, pushing pixels around with CSS, and developing user-friendly, multi-page content management systems with PHP/MySQL and C#/.NET. I am most interested in writing software to improve education, government, and journalism.

During a deeply satisfying decade+ in the Portland Public Schools, I taught everything from AP US History and Psychology to Ancient World Civilizations. I most enjoyed writing narrative non-fiction, inventing mock trials and simulations, and guiding students through the creation of policy proposals, podcasts, and documentary films.